“... I have never experienced such a simple process, with such perfection. Brian and his team truly offer a premium product and service at rates that we were so comfortable with!”
James stephens
“thank you for your support brian, i'm so happy to have received the help i needed even though you installed everything in 2008.”
Martha singer
“...it was a pleasure being your client guys. don't stop the kindness. It will really pay off!”
Jenn Campbell
“...beautiful work! Everything works and looks so amazing! this was exactly what we had in mind Brian!..."
Elizabeth Thompson
“wonderful. this just made our new home really feel like a home again... thank-you so much guys!"
Mary Ostter

More to Experience with California Shutters & Blinds

Creating the perfect atmosphere while maintaining the easiest and personally favoured operational mechanics of your window fashions is easy with Californiia shutters and blinds...

We provide a complete decorator service.. measuring, manufacturing, installing, and supporting our own Product Line, and that of our Suppliers. We are able to offer you exactly what you require to make your ideas come to life! anything and everything you can imagine to cover a window is our own personal target as a company.

Manual or automated... your preference is taken seriously with our team of professionals...

from a simple manually operated blind, to a fully automated system that works on timers and sensors... exterior security roll shutters, interior, and exterior wood, vinyl, and alluminum shutters... blinds, shades, drapery and hardware. We'll manage your project to suit your imagination. our dedication to each and every project is supported through the perfection in our work, and product line.

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